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Comparative Market Analysis

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As a potential home seller or Home Buyer, having a strong understanding of the surrounding home values and market considerations is extremely important to the overall pricing and negotiation process of selling and buying a home. The information contained within a well produced comparative market analysis (CMA) can be the difference between losing thousands of dollars, holding firm on a established sales price, or converting a potential bargain into a multi thousand dollar profit.

With rising interest rates and home prices, many experts are predicting a softening within many of the hottest real estate markets for at least the coming 18 months. During this stabilization period, having accurate and up to date market valuation data is extremely vital, especially for home sellers. As a seller, you need to ensure the information you have relative to your home is the most timely and up to date to insure maximum profitability during your homes sales process.

While there are many resources available for home owners and buyers to obtain a comparative market analysis, you must be cognizant of the fact that much of the information could be outdated or inaccurate. At Twin Palms Realty Inc, we take pride in creating personalized CMA reports which reflect the most current information available within the market. Our CMA's can represent one the most effective ways to obtain comprehensive information relevant to your market conditions, from details related to your home, homes within your neighborhood, comparable sales, schools and demographics.

Naturally, a comparative market analysis may not account for recent changes to a property, from enhancements to renovations. By providing details relevant to these fact, we can make the appropriate adjustments to achieve a significantly more accurate market valuation. Astute home owners can simply leave these details out and make the appropriate adjustments to estimates themselves.

Our outstanding and seasoned multi million dollar agents can assist sellers with specific tips to obtain the maximum ROI during the sale of their home. Many small things can amount to huge profits. Our agents understand that when it comes to selling and setting an asking price, the right presentation can mean the difference between a fast closing and a home that sits on the market for 6, 12 or even 18 months.

Don't wait to find out the facts about your property. Request a CMA Today.


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