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Dress For Success

Home Staging Tips for Sellers Presented by Twin Palms Realty Inc

  1. Feng Shui- this popular movement is becoming a more prevalent part of Real Estate. Part of a good home staging project may be as simple as following these techniques for furniture placement and making a clear and harmonious internal design
  2. Bathrooms and Kitchens- these rooms often become the central focus for people who are interested in buying a home. A simple and cost efficient way to do this is by removing all clutter and cleaning any unsightly areas. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral beige or white will also add to the appeal.
  3. Storage- in many new homes, a highlight of focus is the storage places. When putting your home on the market, make sure your closets, garage, shelves and any other storage units are empty and spotless. Again, it is important to highlight your home's assets, not all the clutter that has built up during your time living there.
  4. Add Something of Value- a swimming pool in a covered area is always a big hit in Florida, maintaining yard work and the exterior of your home to the best of your ability are also ways to improve the market value. Always remember: At the time what seems like a good Do-It-Yourself Project may end in disastrous results that are more expensive to remove or repair than it would have been to simply hire a contractor. Unless you are certain you can finish with excellent results, as far as DIY, do not bite off more than you can chew.

For more information about staging your home and how to make it more appealing to potential buyers and homeowners, please contact Twin Palms Realty Inc. In some cases, staging your home can be an expensive project. Don't waste your time and money on something that may become a source of irritation for other owners. A good thing to remember is the old adage: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." In the case of staging your home spending a large amount of money on something that seems like a wise investment may actually become a financial burden on later homeowners. It is always good practice to consult a Real Estate Agent before making any permanent changes to your home. At Twin Palms Realty Inc, our Agents are courteous and well-informed and ready to assist you. Call us today!


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